Bridges Academy

"If children do not learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn"

Latest News:

Thanks to the work of many dedicated and hard working individuals, we now have the funds to buy our modular unit. This unit will have 4 classrooms and will house the math, science and social studies classes.
We would like to thank the Wolslager Foundation for helping make this possible.

The construction and installation of these new units should begin soon after the New Year.




Plans for the Future:

Bridges' Hopes and Plans for the future of our school include several ambitious phases:

Phase 1:    Plans for this phase are complete and we have moved into our new building.

Phase 2:    For this phase we will be installing modular classrooms in order to expand our classroom space.

Phase 3:    Plans for this phase include a performing arts & activities center for student and community events.

Phase 4:    Bridges is looking forward to building a high school specifically for Learning Different students.

Phase 5:    We will be designing and building our 'Student Dream Wing'.  A whole wing of specialty Classrooms.

Phase 6:    Building a new Gymnasium for our students

With generous help from individuals and our community, we can accomplish these goals and establish Bridges Academy as the premier educational facility for Learning Different students.

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