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"If children do not learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn"

Important Information for Parents:

New students will be tested at the time of admission for placement purposes.

We will start end of year testing beginning April 1st and lasting until the end of the school year. We will start with 9th graders and work down to 1st graders. Please make sure that your child is rested and has had a good breakfast.

Requesting a Parent Conference
Please remember to send in the form requesting your end of year parent conference so that your child's academic testing, goals and placement for next year can be discussed. 8th and 9th grades parent conferences are already set. 1st-7th graders, parents please request conferences. Parent Conference Request Forms are available from the school office or will be sent home by your child's teacher. All conference times will be mailed at least a week in advance.

Volunteer Hours
All parents/guardian must volunteer 10 hours per semester or 20 hours per year. Remember to document all your volunteer hours in the school office. For those of you who cannot volunteer, you may send a box of copy paper (500 Sheets per ream, 10 reams per box). Each box of copy paper will count as 5 volunteer hours. Please label the box with your child's name so we can credit with the hours.

Cell Phones & iPods
Students may not bring cell phones and electronic devices to school. Phone or any electronic device will be taken from the student and held at our office for 3 days. Parents may then pick up the device after the 3rd day.

Bridges Academy can provide a school lunches for the students for $5.00. Students may bring their own lunches if desired. Students may not bring Fast Food or Carbonated Beverages (Sodas) as part of their lunch. Refrigeration and Microwave Ovens are available for student use.

Bridges now offers tutoring for any student from grades 1-9. Contact us to set up a tutoring schedule with one of our teachers.

If you have any questions concerning school policies or procedures please feel free to contact the school office. Further information can be found in the Bridges Student Handbook which can be downloaded below.

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Downloads & Forms:

Below are useful forms and documents that may be downloaded by parents to assist with your child's experience at Bridges Academy.

Downloads are in PDF format

Our New Full Color Brochure to Learn More About Bridges Academy
2018-2019 School Calendar
Supply List for Students

Student Registration Form
Re-Enrollment Form for Students Returning (currently being updated)

Grant Application
2018-2019 Tuition and Fee Schedule for Full Time Students
2018-2019 Tuition and Fee Schedule for Part Time Students

Student Handbook for Full Time Students
Student Handbook for Part Time Students

Easy Fundraisers for our School

Click this link to see a list of easy ways to earn money for Bridges Academy

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Useful Information for Parents:

Living with ADHD: The parent's survival kit:

John F. Taylor, author, psychologist and renowned speaker, presented a workshop at YISD. Unfortunately, we learned about the presentation the day before it happened and we were unable to send home information. However, Ms. Keys was in attendance and brought back information that would be of benefit to parents.

  • ADD/Adhd children and adults do not process fatty acids efficiently
  • Excessive fat is found in the blood
  • There is a lack of oxygen to the brain
  • Under-produce digestive enzymes
  • Usually are dehydrated and need to drink a lot of water
  • Need fatty acids found in vegetables
  • Need a lot of protein; turkey, chicken, milk
  • Need to take fish oil and vitamins, zinc, primrose oil
  • need 9-10 hours of sleep
  • Lava lamp in bedroom helps to fall asleep quicker
  • ADD/HD person craves salt, sugar, cheese and highly seasoned foods
  • Check website: for more information
  • Check with your pediatrician before you make any changes or additions to your child's diet


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