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Parent Testimonies:

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Lydia Williamson:

Taken from: http://www.education.com/schoolfinder/us/texas/el-paso/el-paso-bridges-academy/#reviews

I think this school is a godsend. My son is from Louisiana and is now enrolled there thanks to the help of his wonderful aunt. He is totally excelling in   everything. He is in an honors class was voted class president participating in P.E., which he NEVER did at home. I'm a long ways away but I'm confident in my sister-in-law and in Bridges to know that my son is finally shining, and accomplishing all I knew he was capable of and more! Thanks for caring Bridges Academy.

Submitted by a Parent on Oct. 24, 2008
"My son has attention deficit disorder. By the time he was 8 years old, he had been to 4 different schools, and was very angry and frustrated. He went from being a wonderful, happy and cheerful little boy to being angry, frustrated and couldn't look people in the eye. He started telling me he was stupid and would cry every day. I was at my rope's end. I saw an ad in the yellow pages for Bridges Academy, and called them.

By the third day (at Bridges) he got in the car and smiled and said "I like this school, I'm staying". After that, he started opening up, regaining his self-confidence and returning to his old self. He stayed at Bridges for five years, and got very good grades, made friends, loved the teachers, and has become a very self-confident young man.

He is currently taking all Advanced Placement classes in high school. When he begins college, he will have enough credits to be a sophomore.

C. Lafon, Parent of a former student
"My son not only went through high school, but he finished his Masters Degree last year. His thesis was honored and he bas been accepted to do his PH.D. in Canada. All this was because my wife and I made the decision to enroll my son in the Bridges Academy.""This is their chance to have an equal opportunity to learn." (proud parents)"

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Warren, and Tom Warren Jr.
It is my pleasure to donate toward the down payment for a new facility.

My son, Tom Warren Jr., has grown to be a wonderful man, husband and father. Bridges gets much of the credit for the person he is now, his years at Bridges Academy were the best of his schools years. The Academy has given him many useful tools to use throughout his life. I wish bridges had gone through 12th grade when he was there. I and my family wish you all the very best. I hope your fund raising efforts will exceed your expectations.

(signed) A very grateful family.

Mr. Marc Geller, (San Antonio, Tx)
I have meaning to write you for quite awhile. I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am to you and your staff for the great experience my children had at Bridges Academy. When they came to Bridges, my son could hardly read and my daughter couldn't read at all. In three years, both my children have progressed greatly. My daughter is reading at grade level and my son is devouring books at an amazing pace. I'm having to get him two new novels per week.

It's not just the educational progress they have made. I believe the most important improvement has been in the development of their personalities. Both are so much ore confident. I observed how your staff constantly built up their self esteem. I noticed it even in the most reserved children whey they let it all hang out at the year-end talent show.

Thank you again for all you and your staff have done.
(e-mailed letter to Ms. Keys)

Jason Lawless, who is severely dyslexic, began attending Bridges during elementary school. He developed an interest in cuisine before graduating from Bridges. As he went on to public high school, Jason continued to experiment with food and won a city contest.  After graduation, he attended culinary school in Arizona.  Jason had BIG dreams so he made his way to New York, eventually working as a chef in a five star restaurant.  For a short time, Jason served as a personal family chef for a famous Oscar-winning actor.  He is currently the executive chef for the Tocqueville Restaurant and is making quite a name for himself in New York through news write-ups and TV appearances.

Julia attended a prestigious private school where she was unable to succeed in the traditional classroom setting.  She came to Bridges at an early age and stayed at until graduation in 8th grade, only to return to her former private school.  We received the following letter from her father thereafter:
“It is my pleasure to inform you that your alumni Julia is an excellent student thanks to her hard work and valuable preparation she received at Bridges Academy.  Her freshman year at  she became a member of the National Hispanic Institute (NHI)….she has attended a young leader’s conference…In her sophomore year, she was an officer for the Hope Club and a member of the art club, environmental club and soccer team… she attended the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session in Chicago, IL. where she was honored with a senator title. …in her Junior year….(was) student council V.P…. Julia has (received) invitations from four different universities…she has her heart set on Harvard.”

Julia actually ended up attending St. Mary’s College on a full scholarship and will graduate from there in Spring 2013.

Dario G.
Our son Dario was diagnosed with ADHD in his early childhood. He attended a Preschool Program for kids with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences/disabilities in the city where we lived.

For the duration of his elementary school years, he attended a Magnet School with emphasis in Art, International Studies and Languages. When he entered Middle School, Dario had trouble adjusting to the settings and challenges of a big school Although his grades did not declined drastically, by the end of the school year he was feeling like he did not fit into that environment.

Then, we learned about Bridges Academy. He completed his seventh and eighth grade years at Bridges Academy. From the first day, we could see that Bridges welcomed all its students and appreciated and respected them for what they are and not just for the looks, grades or for being “cool”. We also valued how the school and its teachers made every effort to improve the students’ confidence and self-esteem. In addition to this, teachers and staff at Bridges went the extra mile to identify every student’s learning style and apply their expert knowledge of resources and teaching techniques with the ultimate goal being the student’s success. Dario had a great time at Bridges. He is currently attending High School where he is taking Pre AP classes as well as Dual Placement Courses. He has great plans for attending College and feels very confident that he will achieve his goals.

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Student Testimonies:

Marcos O.
Severely dyslexic. Kicked out of every school – private and public. Refused to go to school. In second grade, his parents brought him kicking and screaming to Bridges. The Director convinced him to visit for one day. After his first day he told his parents, “I love this school.” He graduated from Bridges and went on to public high school. Received a scholarship from Calgary University in Canada to work on a Doctorate in Archaeology.

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