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(Troop 432 Insignia designed and drawn by Tony Dieppa - Troop Member and Student at Bridges Academy)

"Troop 432 is sponsored and based at El Paso Bridges Academy"
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Meet Troop 432:

BSA Troop 432 is sponsored and based at El Paso Bridges Academy. It is the only scout troop in the United States which is attached to a school for children with learning differences. Our main goal is to provide the full range of scouting experiences and opportunities for students who would otherwise not be able to effectively participate in the Boy Scout program.

Troop 432 is chartered by the National Boy Scouts of America and is a member of the Yucca Council. In conjunction with the council, troop 432 has developed a modified scouting program that will satisfy the BSA requirements from Cub Scout through Boy Scout Eagle Rank and Venture Scouts. This program is designed to address the particular needs of each child in the troop by supporting and adapting to their learning differences.

Troop 432 has been organized to not only provide a Boy Scout program but also Cub Scouts and Venture Scouts as a combined experience.

Troop 432 meets on Friday afternoons from 12:30pm until 3:00pm. Meetings are held at Bridges Academy. The troop currently has 15 scouts participating in the scouting program.

Scoutmaster for the troop is Bob Garcia who received the rank of Eagle Scout in 1983.
Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop is Pat Arrington who received the rank of Eagle Scout in 2010.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Garcia at or (915)532-6647 for infomation concerning the troop or it's activities.

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The troop in Action:

First Campout - Dec 13-15 2013 - Timberon NM. Our first campout was in Timberon NM. We had the advantage of having a cabin, provided by Ret. Phillip E. Gablemann, to work out of and cook our meals in but many slept in tents.

All of the scouts that participated earned their Scout badge and their 'Toten Chip' card which gives them the ability and training to use a knife and cutting tools on campouts.
Everyone had a great time!

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