The School for Children Who Learn Differently

Mission Statement

Since 1979, Bridges Academy's mission is to provide a comprehensive and appropriate educational program for children with specific learning differences. We teach them in the way they learn so they can develop their fullest potentials through academics and creative arts.

Our school provides support, information, and training to the community and its surrounding areas. We act as the foremost authority in providing education for students with learning differences (LD), which include Dyslexia, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, and other neurological sensory dysfunctions.

Tutoring and Testing

Our certified instructors will tutor children and adults who have learning disabilities in El Paso, TX. As a nonprofit private school, we also have testing and evaluation by certified dyslexia diagnosticians.


Our school is an accredited member of the Texas Association of Private Schools (TAAPS). We have full and part-time enrollment available, offering specialized education fit for your child’s needs.


Teaching Strategies

At Bridges Academy, our students have been identified with neurological learning disabilities. To meet their needs, we base our teaching methods on scientific research findings that address people's learning differences. Our multi-sensory curriculum includes a robotics program, catering to children who learn best with technology.

Our Students’ Learning Differences

We have students who are diagnosed with secondary disorders like anxiety, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar, speech, and other learning and behavioral conditions. Our well-trained teachers employ intensive, research-based, and consistent behavior management when interacting with them.

What Our School Provides

In order to successfully teach these students, the following must be provided:

  • Small teacher-student ratio (1:5)
  • Specially trained teachers for multi-sensory teaching and behavior management; language therapists; and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-trained teacher(s) for students with autism
  • Computer programs specifically designed to meet the children’s educational needs and differences
  • Opportunities to receive teacher training on a yearly basis for new evidence, methods, and techniques
  • Individual teaching plans for each student that addresses academic, emotional, and behavioral needs
  • Intensive and explicit instruction and repetition: scientific research states that 1500 repetitions are required to complete the learning cycle—input, short-term memory, long-term memory, and retrieval
  • Unique study skills techniques for students who learn differently
  • Unique social skills techniques for students who have difficulties with social situations
  • Empowering of students by identifying their learning differences or diagnoses
  • Teaching of parents about the educational, emotional, and behavioral needs of their children
  • Empowering of parents on how to maneuver the public school’s system and/or other private schools
  • Parent-teacher training for teachers in public and private schools and parents who have children with learning differences
  • Coordination with Region XIX, EPCC, Paso Del Norte Foundation, Paso Del Norte, JP Morgan Foundation, Community Foundation to provide information and support

Mr. Robert Brandmeyer

Chairman of the Board
Brandmeyer Family Trust - School Benefactor, Pro
Affiliation: Brandmeyer Family Foundation Representative

President - Vacant

Suzanne Hobson

Educator and philanthropist; co-owner of Milagro Vineyards
Affiliations: Board of 1st Christian Church, Women's Club of El Paso,
Women's Philanthropic Education Committee, Mustard Seed Ministry

Elizabeth-Rios Carl

Broker, Commercial Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Affiliations: President of El Paso Health Underwriters, Regional Director of Sierra Club of El Paso and Sierra International

Aaron Beldner

Executive vice president and chief information officer at FirstLight Federal Credit Union
Affiliations: Credit Union Executive Society, Project Management Institute, Credit Union National Association Technology Council, International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Knights of Columbus, Army Aviation Association of America, and the Boy Scouts of America

Adriana Holguin

Gail Gail

Mark Pumphrey

Carolynne Ayoub

Ms. Irma Keys

Executive Director, El Paso Bridges Academy
Affiliations: Member of Learning Disabilities Association
and Southwest Branch of International Dyslexia Association

Ms. Norma Hinojos

Assistant Director, El Paso Bridges Academy