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5700 Cromo – November 2023

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A Growing Concern: National Childhood Statistics on the Rise

National statistics speak for themselves:  Attention Deficits 10% of our children; Dyslexia 20% of our children and Autism Spectrum – 1 in 44 of our children. These statistics continue to increase, which is why Bridges Academy is so important to the El Paso community.

Our new building will allow us to increase the number of students we can teach the way each child needs to learn.  Please, we need your help.  Help give our bright and
creative students the opportunity to grow to their full potential. El Paso Bridges Academy is the answer! Our children are smart and creative. 


Our New Campus Provides Increased Opportunities

Space ★ Enrollment ★ Programming      

Therapeutics ★ Curriculum ★ Fine Arts                                            

★Muli-Media Room with Theater & Stage        

★Teacher Training Workshops 

★Special Events and Resource Center

Invest in the future of our children by helping us build our new campus

 No other school in El Paso specializes in “teaching children the way they learn.”